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Visit the Synthetic Turf World store and showroom where our knowledgeable certified sales consultants will show you our high-quality American products at fair prices. You can also schedule a visit with our knowledgeable certified design team. If you decide to purchase from us, whether commercial or retail, full or cut rolls, we will deliver them to your door! We service the Austin and surrounding areas up to San Antonio, Texas.

Call Us Today: (512) 383-5336

What We Do

Synthetic Turf World is an STC Certified Company located in Austin, Texas specializing in retail/wholesale supplies, commercial and residential installations, as well as certified repair and maintenance. We service Austin, San Antonio, and Surrounding areas. 


Why Synthetic Turf World? Our Team is certified and has thousands of square feet of experience in multiple types of turf installation. We have installed almost every brand of turf and are trained not only in the installation but also in the manufacturing methods and yarn. We are Arborists, NDS Drainage specialists, masons, irrigators, fabricators, and CTI-L-trained installers. We know what we are doing and are highly skilled at identifying problems before they happen. We also are highly creative at fixing turf issues and have innovated many methods, diagrams, and installation processes that are used in turf installation nationally. You can find Synthetic Turf World in Austin and San Antonio. 

We at Synthetic Turf World take pride in our professionalism and in taking the time to educate you, the customer, about turf and the installation process. The hows and whys for each step of the project. We aren’t just installers, we are educators. We even provide training for those who want to become certified turf installers under the STC (Synthetic Turf Council).

Synthetic Turf World also cares about the environment. We use better materials that work in sync with nature to preserve it. This is more expensive but worth it in the end to protect the environment that surrounds your yard.

We can do almost anything because we’ve seen almost everything in our various installations. We have irrigation experts, concrete layers, arborists, and carpenters on staff. So that we can do almost anything and everything and provide almost any service, that you might need during your installation. We pride ourselves on being the best artificial turf company in Texas.

But, we do not leave when the installation is complete, we are one of the few companies that offer maintenance services. This way, you have no headaches with regard to the maintenance of your turf, and it will look green and perfect for years to come!

On top of everything else, we are an STC (Synthetic Turf Council) certified company. With fully certified CTI-I (Certified Turf Installer) installers as well. Which means that we are all held to a higher standard in our work.

Austin's Preferred Vendor

We are a preferred vendor and certified installers for several American manufactures which means we see turf and can get turf many companies do not have access. We also have a corporate consulting and certified synthetic turf installation training team in both Spanish and English. If that was not enough, we have a working store with cutting tables, supplies and materials which enables us to spec out each project to simplified logistical method arriving with everything we need to methodically install a project without the hassle of materials coming in from all over the country. We make it easy and make you look good. All over the country.


Synthetic Turf Council 


We are the only turf company in Austin, Texas that is STC Certified. 

The Synthetic Turf Council (STC) is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association serving the synthetic turf industry.

Our mission is to lead, educate and advocate for the synthetic turf industry.


For more information and a list of STC Companies click visit:


What Our Customer Say

What we hear repeatedly: "This was the easiest part of our project. You showed up when you were supposed to, knocked the project out of the park and gave us the highest quality install on the market." Being a STC certified base company, drainage, irrigation and arborists we consider all elements within the scope of the project. We are highly adaptive and can think on our feet finding solutions without delaying the projects. Synthetic Turf World was created when customers and manufactures reached out to us to create a go to company that they could trust to get the job done correctly. A company committed to continued education, training, innovation, and the highest standards in the turf industry.



Revolutionize your sports field with our cutting-edge turf technology, designed to maximize performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness. Bid farewell to the hassle of constant maintenance, as our synthetic turf eliminates the need for watering, mowing, and reseeding. With its vibrant green appearance throughout the seasons, your field will always be game-ready, creating an inviting atmosphere for players and fans alike. Plus, our advanced turf system offers superior shock absorption, reducing the risk of injuries and providing a reliable surface for your athletes to showcase their skills. Invest in the future of your sports team with our exceptional turf solutions and elevate your game to new heights.



Transform your commercial property into a vibrant oasis with our premium turf solutions. Experience the beauty of lush, green surroundings all year round, enhancing your establishment's curb appeal and leaving a lasting impression on clients and visitors. With our durable and low-maintenance turf, you'll save on water bills and landscaping costs while enjoying a hassle-free, pristine landscape that sets your business apart.



Elevate the aesthetics and functionality of your home with our exquisite artificial grass solutions. Say goodbye to the endless hours spent on mowing, watering, and maintaining natural grass, and welcome a pristine and evergreen lawn that requires minimal upkeep. Our high-quality synthetic turf offers the perfect solution for families, providing a safe and soft surface for children to play on while maintaining its flawless appearance throughout the seasons. Enjoy the beauty of a lush, green yard without the hassle, and spend more time savoring life's precious moments in the comfort of your own backyard.

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