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Replace Your Grass

Do you want beautiful, realistic grass that doesn’t have to be mowed and stays perfectly green all year-round? Our company provides exceptional installation, maintenance, and repair services for turf and other forms of artificial grass. We install artificial grass for residential lawns as well as sports fields and commercial properties in the Cedar Park and Austin, TX area.

Our Services

We provide the best artificial grass services and many more in Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.

Turf Installation

Synthetic Turf World offers artificial grass and turf installation services in the Austin, TX area.

Turf Maintenance

While artificial turf doesn’t require the constant mowing and care that a natural grass lawn needs.

Turf Repairs

There are several reasons why you may need our repair services for your turf or artificial grass.

Why Choose
Synthetic Turf World

Synthetic Turf World is both an installation company and a supplier, we have a warehouse with equipment, rental installation, maintenance, and repairs. Synthetic Turf World provides commercial and residential projects.

We supply turf for DIYers and installers. Make your yard something to brag about - Landscapers, contractors and DIYers come to see us for all your turf supplying needs.




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