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About us.

Synthetic Turf World is a STC Certified Company located in the Capital of Texas specializing in retail/wholesale supplies, commercial and residential installations, as well as certified repair and maintenance.


Why STW? Our Team is certified and has thousands of square feet of experience in multiple types of turf installation. We have installed almost every brand of turf and are trained not only in the installation but also the manufacturing methods and yarn. We are Arborist, NDS Drainage specialist, masons, irrigators, fabricators and CTI-L trained installers. We know what we are doing and are highly skilled at identifying problems before they happen. We also are highly creative at fixing turf issues and have innovated many methods, diagrams and installation processes that are used in turf installation nationally.


We are a preferred vendor and certified installers for several American manufactures which means we see turf and can get turf many companies do not have access. We also have a corporate consulting and certified synthetic turf installation training team in both Spanish and English. If that was not enough, we have a working store with cutting tables, supplies and materials which enables us to spec out each project to simplified logistical method arriving with everything we need to methodically install a project without the hassle of materials coming in from all over the country. We make it easy and make you look good. All over the country.


Why do people and companies choose us? We have the knowledge to help you through the design, identify turf issues before you make a mistake in spec's, a certified trained team that’s highly skilled, and clear communication for smooth logistics for your projects. We also know turf and create processes and methods that are adaptive to projects where others might not have a solution. 


What we hear repeatedly: This was the easiest part of our project. You showed up when you were supposed to, knocked the project out of the park and gave us the highest quality install on the market. Being a STC certified base company, drainage, irrigation and arborists we consider all elements within the scope of the project. We are highly adaptive and can think on our feet finding solutions without delaying the projects. 

STW was created when customers and manufactures reached out to us to create a go to company that they could trust to get the job done correctly. A company committed to continued education, training, innovation, and the highest standards in the turf industry.

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