Envirofill® 12/20 keeps your turf performing better longer. It’s durable, reusable, and with built-in Microban® technology, it’s resistant to stain-causing bacteria. Because it’s non-compacting, it will help your turf perform its best year after year. Microban technology is built-in antimicrobial protection that gives products an added level of protection against microbes such as stain and odor causing bacteria. The perfect finishing touch. Envirofill 12/20 adds a realistic look to your turf. The special blend of black and green mimics a natural surface, leaving everyone impressed. Fights against mold and mildew. Microban antimicrobial protection is infused into Envirofill 12/20 during the manufacturing process to help prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew that can cause stains, odors, and product deterioration.

Evirofill Emerald 12-20 Infill

SKU: EF-EM12-20
  • 50 lb bag.