With a 99% quartz (Si02) composition, our brady brown sand is a high quality, high consistency round and sub-round silica sand ideal for use in water wells, filtration, construction, and infill thanks to its unique shape and composition. A natural tan coloration makes for excellent blonde sand, and the 12×20 mesh allows for a high degree of conductivity.


Ideal for Water Filtration – For pools, water wells, and gravel pack applications, the round shape of our sand is ideal because it allows for a high level of conductivity and flow. The 12×20 mesh provides a great balance between these measurements.


Consistent Granules – 12×20 mesh offers a consistency and grain size that’s most similar to a coarse beach sand. Finer than gravel, but coarser than dust, the round grain shape offers a softer, less abrasive feeling for the sand. Thanks to the geological composition of our sand, the granules are consistently round and sub-round in shape and texture.

PFS Aggregates 12x20 Landscape Sand

SKU: PFS-12x20
  • 50 lb bag.