Turf Claw-75 is 1 part moist cure adhesive designed to bond synthetic turf to many substrates. It is also designed to bond to most synthetic turf backing. Turf Claw-75 is solvent free, 100% solids. Turf Claw-75 has proven to provide superior adhesion with minimal foaming, even in very humid and moist conditions. It is a thixotropic adhesive that if too thick can be stirred briefly and then poured easily. It can be poured and then troweled or can be used in a glue box. Turf Claw-75 has a structural grab at 2-3 hours and full cure in 24 hours.

Synlock Turf Claw 75

SKU: SL-TC75-5
  • 5 Gallon, Weight 49 lbs, Dimensions 13x13x15 in