Turf Installation

Synthetic Turf World offers artificial grass and turf installation services in Cedar Park and the Austin, TX Area. Our certified installers are highly trained to install various types of artificial grass from multiple manufacturers. When it comes to selection, quality, and personal service, there’s no better choice than Synthetic Turf World.

Turf Maintenance

While artificial turf doesn’t require the constant mowing and care that a natural grass lawn needs, regular maintenance helps it look better and last longer. Synthetic Turf World offers regular maintenance programs for artificial grass, which include grooming and repairs four times per year.

Turf Repairs

There are several reasons why you may need our patch repair services for your turf or artificial grass. If your turf was improperly installed, we can correct the mistakes and ensure long-lasting results. Also, if your turf has experienced damage due to regular wear and tear, and accident, or from storm debris, we can repair it to its original glory.